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Maryland 12, Baltimore 6, Navy 4, Us 4, Ricky Dobbs 2, Ehrlich 2, Alex Rodriguez 2, The Navy 2, Britain 2, Texas 2, Downtown Baltimore 2, Ravens 2, Anquan Boldin 1, Derrick Mason 1, Sam Bradford 1, Union 1, Ies 1, Dobbs 1, Mark Clayton 1, Davin Meggett 1,
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    September 6, 2010
    11:00 - 11:35pm EDT  

>> bob ehrlich wants to reintroduce himself to you. he has released his first campaign ad in his race for governor to explain why he is trying to get his old job back. good evening. i am marianne banister. he focuses on dawes in the budget coffee creating jobs cleaning at -- the focus is on had jobs, -- his focus is on jobs, creating a balanced budget, and cleaning of education. >> we compared the promises he is making against his record. >> i'm not the kind of guy who likes to hang on the sidelines. >> it is associates him with positive images. it is full of double entendre messages. punctuating issues with words like honestly, really, and finally. you cannot collet misleading because it makes no factual
statements. tax records indicate he and his wife made $2.5 million since leaving public office. according to one research poll, 7% say that their family's financial situation is better today than one year ago. 32% say it is worse. 61% say about the same. >> 6 of the budget -- fix the budget. >> they have both shoveled money from one account to another, relied on federal dollars, increased taxes and fees, and delivered a balanced budget with projected shortfalls. ehrlich says he will find savings by restructuring state government, eliminating wasteful spending in higher education, ask for union concessions, and is open to discussing shifting the cost of teacher pensions to the county'ies. -- counties.
he proposes a small-business bill of rights. this would put this date in jeopardy of losing millions of federal dollars. -- with the state -- this would put this date in jeopardy of losing millions of federal dollars. he will review health care mandates to lower costs for businesses. >> excellent schools everywhere. >> he proposes taking veto power over new charter schools away from local school boards and allow the charters to operate without union contracts. under o'malley, the number of charter schools has doubled -- more than doubled from 20 to 43. the league of conservation voters gave ehrlich a d on his environmental efforts. o'malley gave -- was given an a. gerlach pledges to roll out a new cleanup initiative in the coming weeks.
ehrlich will participate in the early voting tomorrow. in 2005, he vetoed an early the voting bill. he claims he is in search of solutions. he is encouraging supporters to take advantage of early voting. david collins, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we have more coverage on our website wbaltv.com. all of the ad checks are there as well under the politics section. state attorney general douglas chancellor is warning candidates and their supporters to remember truth in advertising. that warning comes after reports of handouts on behalf of candidates that falsely implied endorsement by both state and local leaders. a.g.'s says of complaints about deceptive practices will be investigated. >> it is to be expected, a
campaign sign vandalism is happening in baltimore county. police are investigating. one candidate affected -- she says someone used a box cutter or razor to cut out the middle of 12 per signs. she is running for baltimore county councilwoman. she claims it happen sometime between 2:00 and 9:00 a.m. this morning in pikesville. >> it is a malicious act. the signs are part of the democratic process. it is part of running for local government -- getting name recognition. it is distressing that people would go to these lengths. >> she says the sign should encourage people to vote to and replacing them will be difficult for her campaign. in baltimore county police have arrested a man they were looking for in connection with a violent home invasion. the 32-year-old was taken into custody earlier today on fairfax road in northwest baltimore.
they are glad they recovered handguns and grenades that he had taken during the home in mission last month. three suspects are in custody in the stabbing of a man near penn station that happened earlier today. the 37-year-old man was walking on st. paul street when he was approached by three juveniles who attacked and stabbed in an attempted robbery. he was taken to a hospital and is recovering from non life- threatening injuries. a tense situation today at a baltimore county shopping center after police opened fire on a man who tried to grab an officer's weapon. the 11 news i-team reporters were on it. >> sirens from police cars alerted a councilman that something was happening. >> i was in my office, working on my computer. my wife said, you better go see what is going on. i said, where? she said do you not hear the
sirens? >> police were involved in a shooting. they tell us that an officer responded to a call poisoning about a suspicious man. -- to a call the smarting about a suspicious man. >> he appeared to be -- to a call this morning about a suspicious man. >> he appeared to be distraught. >> they said officer used his patrol car door to try to push the man away. >> there was eventually a struggle over the officer's weapon, at which time the second officer arrived on the scene, observed what was going on, and shot the suspect in the chest twice. >> the shopping center remained closed all morning as they tried to sort out what happened. the officers are on administrative leave pending the investigation of what happens.
>> these things happen. there is no area that is free of crime. since we do not have a lot of it, we're not going to change anything. we will go about our business, trust god, and do what we have been doing. >> police will not release the man's identity, but tell us he is in critical condition at shock trauma. the officer who was attacked received minor injuries. >> of baltimore city teenager is behind bars tonight after being charged in a deadly shooting. according to anne arundel county police, 17-year-old marcus mcfadden is being charged in the death of a 30-year-old man last month. he is one of three suspects involved in that crime. the university of maryland college park is on edge tonight following a string of robberies and assaults. the victims are being attacked by a group. the latest incident happened saturday morning when a student was walking along the road. the student told police he was
approached by four individuals, tackled, and robbed. >> we encourage anyone who is traveling here to walk in pairs. let someone know where you are going. >> police have launched a community campaign alerting the public and students of the potential dangers of walking around between 2:00 a.m. and 4 black a.m. -- 4:00 a.m. the man is recovering after nearly being buried alive. a trench collapsed on the man yesterday in district heights. to coerce or able to dig out his upper body, but it took several -- co-workers were able to dig out his upper body, but it took several firefighters to get him free. the scene -- the car was engulfed in flames and completely off the road. the whole thing was captured on the dashcam.
despite the explosions, they were able to pull a 56-year-old man from the car. he was rushed to a nearby hospital. 70 years ago tomorrow began what is known as "doublets." that was the intense bombing of britain -- known as "the blitz." that was the intense bombing of britain by germany. a london government agency wi release some previously unseen film. >> the scenes of devastation are familiar. seeing it in color makes it more vivid, more real. color footage was still rare in september, 1940. hear, medics were filmed training for casualties and treating them in makeshift medical centers. winston churchill was reviewing the area as thousands cheered
him on. the city goes about its business. the double decker buses still running. the film was made by a local air raid warden who was actually an error -- and amateur film maker. it was recently uncovered by his family. it changes the way we see an important piece of history after all these years. >> back at home this labor day, what many in maryland hope will become a must-see -- college football rivalry -- must-see college football rivalry, maryland and the midshipmen, the navy. >> 3 points and 3 feet separated the two. you hope this evolves into a labor day tradition. maryland held off navy, 17-14.
tarps bang scored the first two times they had the ball. -- the terps scored the first to good times they had the ball. da'rel scott finds the corner of the end zone. the navy came back. at the end of the half, navy down a touchdown and out of timeouts, quarterback ricky jobs does not throw the ball away. -- ricky dobbs does not throw the ball away. navy takes the field goal. fourth and one, final play for navy on offense. maryland stops dobbs at the goal line. end of the game. the terps hand on for the win. one yard, three points, high drama. further proof -- this has all the elements you need for a great rivalry, not just geography, but the fact that
maryland -- both times, a field goal settled the outcome. the first game came down to the last play. >> maryland celebrated labor day with a bang. hurricane season means a boom in business for some. who is cashing in? all good things come to an end. the highlight of the state fair. >> that might be overdoing it. >> you may be shocked to learn how much money you are wasting on oil changes. >> a beautiful weather for football or going to the fair. we will see how long the pattern will hold. is any of that much-needed rain in the forecast? it is clear and dry. 72 at the airport. 72 at the airport. 75 at the inner
>> the holiday weekend would not be complete without a parade. they clapped and cheered in honor of labor day. it was not the only labor day parade. detroit and philadelphia did the same. it was a beautiful day to say goodbye to the 129th annual maryland state fair. it came to a close today. despite the hot temperatures throughout its run, many people ventured out to the fair grounds to ride the rides, ketch concerts', and most agreed -- and catch concerts. most agreed was time well spent. >> i love it. i come every year. >> it is fantastic. >> the turnout was actually slightly better than last year. >> you? >> yeah.
>> he sings to me. >> he is talented, smart, and hot. >> it was all about that kid named justin bieber. to of this stage last night at the fair. obviously young girl -- he took the stage last night at the fair. obviously young girls were excited. the 16-year-old canadian singer has sold more than 4 million albums in the last year. alert,"ht's "consumer the local shop where you get your will change may not like this story. new research shows that frequent will changes are a waste of money. they say there have been huge advances in both automobiles and in the oil. instead of every 2000 to 3,000 miles, they suggest you double that number at the very least.
in fact -- this may be hard to believe -- some manufacturers go as far as to recommend 20,000 miles. they do not dispute that claim. >> the upshot was that you could end up changing your oil three times more often that you need to and the spending over the course of five years, spending over $1,000 in unnecessary will changes. >> according to other experts, using the more expensive synthetic oil can justify longer waits between oil changes. we are in the thick of hurricane season. it does not bother some people. tree cutters and roofers see some of their best business all year. that is, of course, when the bad storms hit. stan stovall has more. >> pruning and cutting trees is often sparked by the threat of a hurricane. homeowners typically postponed thinking about that until it is too late. >> until the storm is right next
to you -- if we get something they say will hit florida or anywhere close to us, the phones start ringing. >> the rivers are pressed into action after bad storms or after hurricanes pound homes. he says that because of the economy, homeowners are waiting to do repairs. the threat of hurricane sometimes prompts activity. >> it has been off and on. it all depends on the home owners and whether they want to spend the money. >> this hurricane season, businesses have evolved -- businesses involved in cutting trees and ravine are trying to hold their own. -- and roofing are trying to hold their own. >> although some repairs can be avoided when it comes to
preparation, others cannot. old and weakened trees have a habit of landing on roofs and doing severe damage. it is better not to take the chance. >> now, your 11 insta-weather forecast with meteorologist john collins. -- tom tasselmyer. >> it started off on the cool side. chilly in some areas northwest of baltimore. the thermometer dipped down into the 40's. 40 degrees of frederick and westminster. lancaster was at 40 degrees. even chillier westbound toward allegany county. there were some other reports that were in the 30's this morning. it was chilly in the cooler valleys, but not at school in downtown baltimore where it was 65 degrees. -- but not that cool in downtown baltimore where it was 65 degrees. it is now 88 in richmond.
87 in charleston, west virginia. cincinnati was at 89. that will come in here tomorrow as we get a warm-up. 82 at bwi marshall. we're close to normal. cloud cover passed to the north of us, generating a few showers near the pennsylvania state line. sun rises at 6:40 tomorrow morning. for the time being, the storm is stretched out along the u.s.- canadian border. it is really across some of the plain -- trailing across some of the plain states. it has been a little while since we have had rain. my trip here -- it might trigger a few spotty showers later this week.
the winds may require a small craft advisory by the evening hours with temperatures on the water in the upper-70's. a couple sprinkles in the mountains to mar 9. 89 around the bay. -- tomorrow night. 89 around the bay. we are watching that tropical storm which is almost up to brownsville, texas. winds are fairly weak for a tropical storm. it will weaken further as it moves inland through west texas and the southern plains. if we're lucky, it might turn eastbound and we will catch a shower. right now, that is days away. tomorrow, 89, a little more humid. once that goes through, breezy and fall-like. highs on thursday and saturday will be in the 70's.
>> the ravens' made to roster move that significantly change their receiving corps -- made two roster moves that significantly change their receiving corps. >> hi, i am with the maryland lottery drawing official. tonight's multi max jackpot has an estimated annuity of -- your numbers for this monday, september 6 are 36, 32, 33, 21, 10, and 3. 36, 32, 21, 10, and 3.
if no one masses all of the numbers on any one line, the jackpot will increase. and textron is thursday night -- the next drawing is on thursday night. find more at mdlottery.com. find more at mdlottery.com. i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
>> now, elevens boards with gerry sandusky. >> two good days after that, t.j. houshmandzadeh is reeled in by the ravens. he had several teams that wanted to sign him. ray lewis said, "if you want to win, this is the place to be. -- be." he spent several of the first years of his career with the cincinnati bengals. he will line up with anquan boldin and derrick mason as one of the team's top wide receivers. >> it should present a picture about the type of offense 14 that we want to build. those are our kind of guys -- offense or team that we want to build. those are our kind of guys. >> they traded mark clayton.
he had 34 interceptions. he only caught one pass in the playoffs. he never really developed into a top receiver with the ravens, but he will have the chance to do that in st. louis with sam bradford. for the second time in 50 years, maryland and navy faced each other on the football field here in baltimore. the tarps bang had the win -- terps had the win, 17-14. a crowd of under 70,000 -- many of them in dress whites -- made the most of the exceptional weather and the holiday. davin meggett -- 105 yards rushing. maryland 14-0. ricky dobbs called inside of the five the three times. -- fumbled inside of the 53
times. times. three it came down to fourth and goal in the final two minutes. marilyn's defense holds and they s defense7--- maryland' holds and they win it, 17-14. they were happy with that. >> when we got to 14-14 i said, this is what i am talking about. it is extreme. who is one to win? are you going to tuck your tail? >> he has develop faster than the digital photographs since buck showalter arrived. the yankees were in new york. it was a scene of near biblical proportion -- he was lost, but now is found.
mattis regrets this next election because alex rodriguez jumped all over the fastball -- regrets this pitch selection because alex rodriguez jumped all over the fast ball. robinson to know -- cano. neither one comes down with the ball. marked as your --mar -- mark texeria. -- texeira. roberts gets tangled up in the rundown. the damage is done. he gets the go-ahead run. the leaves dance. for-3 in the -- 4-3 in new
>> a little fall. >> temperatures will cool off again. we finish up the labor day weekend in fine fashion. maybe a couple of showers on wednesday morning. that is about it for the next few days. it will turn breezy and cool, thursday, friday, saturday and a better chance of showers next weekend. >> if you would like to see this one more time, you have the encore presentation. we all look forward to a. we all watch it. we all watch it. take
as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. illusionist criss anl,

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